Have you had an outfit sewn terribly even after your measurements were supposedly taken? Have you had to lose your precious fabric because it was damaged by incompetent tailors? Have you had to wait endlessly to receive an outfit from a tailor? Have you had to spend a fortune only to get clothes that don’t give you satisfaction? Well, if you are looking for a contemporary, sophisticated and reliable clothing store that can make that outfit of your dreams to your taste and exact specification then search no further.

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afriken by nana 1

Prestige Style Fashion offers women the rare opportunity of looking trendy, gorgeous and classy. Our attention to detail and specification is second to none. We sell unique fabrics and stock a robust collection of chic attires in all sizes.

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Prestige Style Fashion was born out of the passion to give its customers that unique experience, satisfaction and inexplicable joy in clothes. We believe that clothing resonates confidence and confidence affects success. Therefore, we aim to offer our clients “Fashion That Speaks”; clothing that speaks confidence, dignity, success and self-expression. Call us now for your custom-made, ready-made and made-to-fit outfits. We also stock a unique variety of quality fabrics for your comfort.


Fashion That Speaks …….. Located at Shop 72, Hamed Center, Electra Street, Abu Dhabi